Brandt Apartments Managed By First Story Property Management

Information for Residents  -- as of February 06, 2023

Special Notice about 1711 Laundry Room for Corona virus ==> Click Here

Special Notice about Lake Ella Water and Sewer Upgrade Project for Spring 2023 ==>  Click Here

Maintenance Requests

If you need routine maintenance items done in your apartment, please use the Tallahassee Management and Leasing web portal to schedule an appointment.  If you have an emergency, please call  (850) 727-0291 and follow the emergency prompts. Emergency service means any repair that needs to done immediately, including any kind of water leak:  plumbing leak, roof leak, AC water leak, etc.

Emergency Service

Any water leaking on an apartment floor should be considered an emergency situation. Please review the following procedures.

If you have a need for emergency maintenance service and you cannot get a prompt response, please leave a voice message at the property management office, then use this Brandt approved service providers list to find an appropriate service person.  If an approved maintenance person cannot respond in a reasonable time, you should find any appropriate service person.  Please leave messages (or portal messages) for the management company throughout the process.  Please print the provider list and keep it handy.

Water Leaks from Plumbing or AC Condensation

All sinks and toilets have hot and cold water shut-off valves underneath the fixtures.  The hot water heater has a ninety degree shut-off on top of the water tank.  You should familiarize yourself with these shut-off valves prior to needing them in an emergency.  To turn off valves, turn the handle counter-clockwise.

Water Senor Alarms in AC Closets

All Brandt apartments are equipped with a water sensor alarm to detect water leaks in the AC closet.  If the alarm sounds, take immediate action to determine the source of the water and stop the leak, then call for apartment emergency services.

For air conditioning (AC) condensation leaks turn off the AC, clean up the water, and report the problem to the apartment emergency service.

For plumbing leaks, turn off the water tank supply by turning the yellow valve handle on the top of the hot water tank one quarter of a turn clockwise.  The water tank valve should remain off until the leak is repaired.

The alarm can be silenced by removed it from the damp area.  Replace the detector after the problem has been corrected.

After silencing the alarm, always call apartment emergency services at  (850) 727-0291

If you hear an alarm from a neighboring unit, attempt to notify the neighbor then call apartment emergency services.

For more information about Water Sensor Alarms ==>  Click Here

Kitchen Sink Waste Disposers

If your apartment is equipped with a food waste disposer in the kitchen sink, it is important to flush the disposer daily by running the disposer while also running cold water through it for at least 30 seconds after all debris has been flushed out.  Debris gets into the disposer through the sink drain, whether or not you intentionally disposal of waste.  Failure to flush out the disposer will result in rotten kitchen odors, increased insects, and eventual rust out and leaking into the kitchen cabinet, potentially causing considerable damage.  If your disposer becomes jammed, or makes a bad noise, please immediately initiate a service request.

Rent Payment Procedures

Please see the Tallahassee Management and Leasing web portal for rent payment procedures and options.

Pest control Schedules 

Pest control is provided at at 1711 N. Meridian Road on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 8:30 am.

Lakewood Terrace (1711 N Meridian) Laundry Room

Please use care that the laundry room door is secured open to prevent a stranger from running into the laundry room and closing the door, trapping you inside.  If it is not secure use caution and watch for strangers -- and immediately re-secure the door to the open position.

The laundry room is not a public facility but is primarily for the use of apartment residents.  Others may use the facility if is does not interfere with apartment residents.  All those using the facility are asked to follow the policies below.

Dryer Extended Cycle Time

The new coin drop system provides a method of extending the drying cycle time.  When the dryers are programmed for a 45 minute drying cycle for the vending price of $1.75 because an average load of clothes needs about 45 minutes.  However, bulkier loads like with towels may require additional time.  By inserting additional quarters either at the beginning of the cycle, or at any time before the end of the cycle, the cycle time will be extend by 15 minutes for each quarter.  So, for 60 minutes of drying time, one could initially deposit $2.00.  Or check the dryness of the clothes after 40 minutes and, if needed, add another quarter to extend the cycle at that time.

Laundry room policies

Please remove laundry from the machines promptly when the cycle is completed. Please do not leave the apartment building while your clothes are in the laundry room. Items left in machines longer than 30 minutes after completion will be held by management until claimed by the owner.  Please wash only clothes and bed linens.  Do not wash heavy items like rugs or overload the equipment.

Laundry equipment problems and questions

For equipment problems and questions, please contact  Tallahassee Management and Leasing portal..

Lakewood Terrace (1711 N Meridian) Mail Box Assignments ==> Click Here

Solid Waste and Recycling Information (see pickup schedules below)

All Brandt apartments have City of Tallahassee waste and recycle collection (smart cart) services. 
All information is available on the City's web site at

Click here for information about how to use Smart Carts and what can be recycled.

Click here for Important Information about moving your Smart Cart to and from the street on pickup day.

Additional Recycle Dumpster at Lake Ella Park

The City maintains a green recycle dumpster at the southwest corner of the Lake Ella Park directly across Monroe Street from the Sonic Drive-in Restaurant.  All recycle including paper and cardboard boxes (broken down) may be deposited into this large green dumpster.  To access the area you must take 7th Avenue to N. Monroe Street, right on N. Monroe, the first right onto S. Lake Ella Drive, then immediately right into the park picnic area.  The green recycle dumpster is at the top of the hill.  
For a Google Street View of the location ==> Click Here  For a picture of the dumpster ==> Click Here.

Lakewood Terrace (1711 N Meridian) Important Dumpster Information

Do not leave waste or recycle on the ground near or around the dumpster or the recycle containers. All waste and recycle must be inside the containers. The dumpster man comes in a big truck and does not get out.  He will not put stuff into the dumpster.  If anything is in the way, he cannot dump the dumpster.  If you have something to give away, take it to a collection center, or put it near the road, but not around the dumpster or recycle containers. 

Please break down cardboard boxes prior to discarding into the trash dumpster, or better yet, use the recycle dumpster at Lake Ella (see above).

The contact at the City for missed dumpster pickup is Nathan at 850/891-0550.  If the pickup is missed, please let Nathan know.

Solid Waste and Recycling Schedules

See Solid Waste Red/Blue Week Calendar  (PDF)

1711 N Meridian Rd. Pickup Schedule
Garbage - Dumpster: Thursday morning early
Yard Waste: Friday (Red week) -- Put trash near phone pole across parking lot.
Recycling: Friday -- Use smart carts near mailboxes. -- 1711 Recycle Procedures
Bulk: Friday (Red week) -- Put items near phone pole across parking lot.

418 N. Meridian St. Pickup Schedule
Garbage Service: Friday
Recycling: Friday
Bulk: Thursday (Red)
Yard Waste: Thursday (Red)

2409 Atlas Rd. Pickup Schedule
Garbage Service: Tuesday
Recycling: Tuesday
Bulk: Friday (Red)
Yard Waste: Friday (Red)

1408 Hendrix Rd. Pickup Schedule
Garbage Service: Monday
Recycling: Monday
Bulk: Thursday (Blue)
Yard Waste: Thursday (Blue)